About Me

Here I am looking fetching in a flower crown

Here I am looking fetching in a flower crown

I am a wedding and event florist based in Guildford and have professionally trained with Judith Blacklock Flower School.

I have always loved gardening and growing flowers, and a few years ago decided to take floristry from a hobby to a profession. I find working with flowers therapeutic and I want all my flowers to bring you as much joy as they bring me. 

I try to keep things local and use my home grown flowers in arrangements where possible as well as ordering British flowers from local suppliers. I like to make seasonal arrangements with an English countryside style and each bouquet, centrepiece or display is bespoke and unique.



Some people complain that flowers don’t last but I think this is part of their charm. Admiring their fleeting beauty teaches you to be in the moment and enjoy the present, something which I for one need to be reminded to do every so often. 

I hope you like the photos of my flowers on my gallery page and please get in touch with any enquiries.